Maintenance and optimisation of Web pages and E-shops

If you want your Web page to be effective in the long term, it is necessary to maintain it appropriately and to update it regularly.

  • WordPress updates
  • Content entry and updating
  • A/B tests
  • SEO
  • WordPress and WooCommerce training

Wordpress updates

We offer updates for the WordPress and WooCommerce systems. We initially do so on our development/test server so as to make sure that the process is safe and that there are no interruptions in the availability of the Web page or E-shop.

Optimisation and improvements

To make sure that your Web page is always effective, improve it with A/B tests. We also offer other solutions related to optimisation.

SEO solutions

It is worth investing in a high-quality SEO on the Web page and an external SEO to ensure better Google search results.

  • We are experts in the technologies that we use. Right now they are Wordpress and WooCommerce.
  • We initially install systems on our own development or test server to do updates and then testing. If everything is fine, then we produce the specific updates. If there are problems with the system, we address them.