Clients speaking about us

The work is always done very properly and correctly.
Thanks to Born and particular Gatis for very timely, justified and explanatory communications and for work that is always done at a high level of quality. Our partnership began in 2017 with the design of a new homepage, and it is continuing now (on the eve of 2021), when there are regular technical improvements or innovations. If you are looking for a partner with communications that are understandable, direct and justified, and if you want work to always be done very precisely and appropriately, this is the choice for you!
Elīna Breidaga
Dr Lūkins Eye Clinic
A very professional team, an amazing developer and Web design skills and outstanding communications. Nothing is impossible with these guys! Thanks for the constant partnership and always rapid recommendation. I very much recommend them!
Zane Šmite-Vestmane
Director, Rīga-Jūrmala project
Our partnership was excellent
Designing a homepage is no easy thing, so we chose knowledgeable professionals who could help with the project. After constructive co-operation and exchanges of views, the process was excellent. Our clients really appreciate it.
Kristīne Zūpa-Rasimāviča
Marketing director SIA "Nākotne Meat Processing Company"
Style, design and UX are the strengths of BORN. We are very satisfied with the result.
Kristaps Grietiņš
Board chairman, SIA "Northern Latvian Forestry"
The work is done professionally and in a timely way
I was delighted that the BORN team was actively involved in generating ideas and offering the most successful solutions, as opposed to waiting for the client to make a request about what to do. The work was done professionally and quickly.
Ivars Ozoliņs
Board member, AUTO KADA
The BORN team is very professional
Thanks for the recommendations and support in homepage design. Each issue was immediately addressed. BORN made many recommendations on how best to reach our audience, on how specific people will concentrate themselves in our homepage and how best we can deliver important information to visitors to our homepage
Aija Geriņa-Bērziņa
Board chairwoman, Latvian Association of Oncologists and Chemical Therapists
It may be that this was the best relationship between price and quality. The design process took some time, but the result was a modern and secure homepage for our group of companies.
Jānis Libeks
Board member, AS Alphinox Quality
The team was very professional and knowledgeable
The Born team did surprisingly good work in a short period of time, and that was worth every euro that we invested. The project was developed elegantly, and the process was very transparent. The team was very professional and knowledgeable, and it listened to our suggestions at every step. There have been many changes in our site since it was launched, but we still use the foundations which BORN built. I am sure that we will work together in future on other projects.
Roberts Rosbergs
I am sure that we have a global-level Webpage design company here in Latvia
We were looking for the best Web design company in Latvia to establish a world-level homepage on the WordPress platform for our project. When we received the first sketches for the new Webpage, I got tears in my eyes. Our new Webpage was not just visually beautiful, but also massively functional, clean and understandable. It also was comparable to our application. Once we confirmed the visual appearance, the Webpage was programmed, and that happened fairly quickly. Then the page was migrated and released. We were concerned about our existing SEO positions, and we planned them in parallel and very carefully so as not to lose them. Everything was fine. During the first month after the migration, our SEO positions dropped just a bit, by 20% or so. During subsequent months, they recovered and grew far more rapidly than before. The BORN team designed the homepage and released it. It still cares about us in terms of maintaining the page. If there are coding errors, they are fixed free of charge. Anything new that we request leads to the presentation of a budget, and the work is done when the budget has been approved. We no longer have headaches about Webpage programming. I am very proud to say that I am sure that we have a world-level Webpage design company here in Latvia. It is BORN!
Māris Veide
Founder and director,