Web design, UI/UX

Deliberative, planned and easily perceptible Web design is an important aspect in terms of ensuring that its use will be convenient for your clients and will support your business.

  • Wireframes (concept/strategy)
  • Web design
  • Web design auditing
  • UI/UX design
  • Research, analysis
  • Strategy, concept
  • Web design
  • Testing, optimisation

Web design

High-quality Web page design on the basis of experience and knowledge. Arrangement of Web page content and a design structure that makes it possible to address visitors more quickly and easily.

Web design of E-shops

Successful E-shop design makes it possible to sell more. Experience and knowledge in the area of E-commerce ensures that we have advantages in designing successful E-shops.

UI design of Web applications

High-quality and deliberative Web design is essential in the development of Web applications, and our experience will be particularly valuable in this regard.

  • Web design is the visual appearance of a webpage, E-shop or any other application. Depending on the specific platform function, each design has its own specifics, and these are used to adapt technological solutions so as to achieve the very best result. When working on a web design, modern trends and user habits must be taken into account, and the solution must be convenient for all important equipment. Web design is not a competition about the best artwork. It tells the story of seeking ideal functionality.
  • The costs of Web design will depend on the structure and complexity of the project. Before launching a project, we can predict the amount of time that it will take to do the design work, and we will provide the client with precise costs of Web design.
  • Web design always starts with research and analysis. We prepare Wireframes or schematic design, thus sketching the skeleton of the design. Then we engage in Web design.